I am a second generation Indian, born and raised in America. My parents came to America for graduate school in the late 80's. I was raised in an all American town with no other immigrants, and so I do no speak Hindi or much of my parents state language. To verify me you can read my reviews on privatedelights.ch. The link is on the bottom of the home page. I am quite well known and popular around here!

I am a part-time working professional in Silicon Valley. I can be anyone's colleague. This is my dirty little secret, let's keep it that way. No I cannot send you my face picture, as your decision is not worth my discretion. If this is an issue for you, then we would not be a good match.


Please do! I prefer it for both our sakes. I keep freshly laundered towels, soaps, bodywashes, and mouthwash in an impeccably clean apartment. I am always freshly showered immediately before each rendezvous and expect the same from you.

I am an NSGFE or RBGFE provider. Google can help, if you are not familiar with these terms. Please do not ever attempt to discuss services with me.

1. Do a google search like this: 'Anjali Rati escort'
2. Read privatedelights.ch our local bay area review board (does not pull up on google)
3. Read all links (social media, review sites) very carefully. Make sure the contact information, phone and email matches on all sites.

You would not purchase a new phone or TV without doing research. You would not go to an expensive restaurant without reading the Yelp reviews. This a large purchase, be cautious and safe!

I have many pictures taken at various dates, as you can see. You can easily compare them. Professional photoshoots are a very big investment that I am happy to make as I am an honest, legitimate and upscale provider. Some of the images are watermarked, you can research the photographers as reputeable local bay area escort photographers. These are professionals who copyright their work and do not allow their photos to be misused.

I keep an apartment in Palo Alto solely for the purpose of meeting my secret friends. This is one of the safest towns in America, needless to say it is safe here. My rates are high which means I am very low volume. Personally I remain very low key and discreet in the community. You and your secret are safe here. Be weary of low end hotels or locations in unsafe neighborhoods!

I am a very selective and low volume provider, which makes for a higher quality experience for both of us. To obtain this quality, high rates are required. I do not, nor do I need to negotiate rates. If you need to negotiate the rate, then we would not be a good match.

I am a Bay area based provider and do have a life here that prevents me from being a 'touring' provider. I am however available for FMTY (fly me to you dates) with some advanced notice. This would be at a minimum of an 8 hour overnight date, and can be available anywhere in the US.